Frequently Asked Questions

When will you be coming to our city/neighborhood/complex?
EMFSIGNWhile the plan is for Extra Mile Fiber to build out to the entire Miami Valley, this is an extremely large infrastructure project and will take years to fully complete. Cooperation from municipalities, homeowner associations, neighborhood associations, etc. is crucial for its success. We are continually in discussions with these groups trying to establish where we will build next based upon the needs and desires of these areas.
We will start to publish a list of potential build locations in early 2016. Watch extramilefiber.com for more details!

How much does your service cost?
Our current rate schedule can be seen at extramilefiber.com/pricing

Is there an installation fee?
For most typical installations, there will be a modest installation price. This price will vary based upon how many in your (neighborhood/complex/municipality) want the service. The more that are interested in signing up, the less expensive the build will be.
We will be implementing plans in most installations to minimize or potentially remove the installation fee based upon your level of commitment to the service (contract or no-contract agreement)

Why not just install wireless in our city?
While wireless is an enticing prospect for some, the reality is that there needs to be a fiber backbone to get everyone connected back to the Internet. Our desire is to provide fiber to the home in as many areas as possible. This will provide the fastest, most consistent connection possible.
Wireless can be an add-on, or a final solution based upon the needs and requirements of your community.

Where is your service currently available?
We are finishing the Water Street as well as the Brownstones on 2nd projects in downtown Dayton.